Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sheesh this is sillyness (SP?)

Okay I feel like a wom.. (oops better not say that :) ) Feeling one way one minute, another way yet another minute. I say to myself, get it together man. My last post spoke about my desire for relationships, yet I realized today, accually as I was writing this post. "wait a moment. 'I' can seek relationships with those fellow bloggers. In a sense I was expecting others to get to know me but I have a responsibility to get to know others also. I have been under the gun a lot lately.

- Working 64 hours a week to try to get caught up on some bills, also to raise funds for a repair on my van.

- Wrestling with understanding the truth behind Spirit-of-ism. I really wrestle with the excuse of spiritual onslaught. To me it seems like a cop out. "Oh I was under the spirit of lust, or divorce or depression". What type of a God do we serve? We are sons and daughters of the most high God. We are no longer slaves to sin, we are heirs with Christ. We have believed a lie that we are helpless in our sin. We are not helpless, we are FREE IN CHRIST. The problem is that we often don't feel free so therefore we beat ourselves over the head until we get that cute and cuddly feeling that Jesus loves me. Well in this case we are called to faith. STAND in your identity in Christ. It is Christ who sets us free from the choices of sin in our lives and it is his grace that enables us to walk that out. But to say that you are powerless is a wicked lie from the enemy and needs to be put in it's propper place.

2Peter 1:3 says that Gods divine power has given us everything that we need for life and Godliness.....EVERYTHING. Powerful. Kind of defeats the whole mentality of spirit ofism. When we are sitting at the judgement seat of God we will not be able to say "sorry God the spirit of temptation came over me" That line will not wash in the presence of God. You and I are responsible or the choices that we make. Satan tempts us but it is no spirit that enables us to sin. It is our our sinfull and selfish nature/desires that causes us to sin. It really rips me off when I see Satan lying to Gods people and making them think that they are powerless because they are not....more to follow as it comes clear.

- Parenting a testy pre adolescent. I could write a book (not really) on raising children from newborn to five. (I've done it 5 times now) but to raise up a 10 year old and teach him for the first time, is very tough. I feel at odds with this whole thing. I am preparing to go through the book 'Preparing for adolescence' with him. It does not help that God has given my son the same heart that I have so we clash a lot. I see things in him that irritate me about myself, then the gloves come off. My dear wife just shakes her head when my son and I go at it....wife asks"Does it really mater whether he eats cereal over toast?"..My response"It doesnt matter, it's an issue of obedience, I told him to eat toast" We are both very strong willed. What I need to lean on is an older man to teach me how to raise my son. I have some older men that I could ask so I probably will.

- Financial discipline: For months now my wife and I have been tested financially. Not lacking in any means, but more regarding our character. God is watching us and seeing what our responses will be to situations that come up. The whole process of financial management is so great and there is much to learn.

Holy heck have I written a lot. I just realized that a large number of people that read my blog are people that I desire to bless and are people that are on my heart to speak into thier lives.

And so the journey continues. Hopefully things will settle down in my mind, or maybe thats how I am wired.


Moose said...

LOL! God Love ya Man! Just a few observations... :) Oops better Not say that LOL ROFL...

WE ARE FREE IN CHRIST! Amen, Amen, And Hallelujah! Our identity is the key...and when we don't stand it it...yup Sheesh it is sillyness :)

Love this quote bro:
"The problem is that we often don't feel free so therefore we beat ourselves over the head until we get that cute and cuddly feeling that Jesus loves me."

Nah...I don't EVER DO THAT! Yeah RIGHT! LOL waiting for the BC Comic ZOT! Lightning bolt LOL!

Yup we are definitely responsible for our choices. Like Martin Luther once said "Its like going to the judge and saying All day I tried, and tried not to steal that pig, but I did. Do we think the judge is going to say thats ok, try not to steal pigs again?" Not Likely :)

It's who we know who paid the price for us by faith and in who we stand and have our being and identity that makes the difference. Faith versus Flesh...

I cannot speak to the whole kid thing, but I imagine that could be interesting...another funny quote for ya though :) Someone once said "It is no wonder some animals in the wilderness eat their young!" LOL! Hang in there bro, from what I see you are an awesome father. Don't beat yourself up too much man. Thats were ya gotta go to GRACEland bro :)

Financial management still learning that one too...

And Holy Heck! LOL! This is a long comment :)

Love you bro. Remember got a bunch of guys in our church who got your back. We are here for ya.

In the immortal words of Red Green:

"Keep your stick on the ice. I'm pullin' for ya. We are all in this together!"

Bless Ya! -Moose

Nin said...

So know what you mean about spirit-of-ism. It is a cop-out. It frustrates me to hear people make excuses for their sin, but they use "spiritual lingo" to back them up. It frustrates me even more that I do the same. If only we could embrace the truth that God's grace is suffecient for all.
As far as your relationsip with young CWG jr, I encourage you to walk in perseverance. I encourage you to stand for godly principles in your home, even when it would seem so easy to throw in the towel. You can know that when he is the most angry at you for standing for those principles, that is when his foundation is being built the strongest. Don't grow weary,
Gal 6:9
"So we must not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don't give up."
As for the finance thing, we're in the same boat. God has been giving and taking away so much all at once that it makes my head spin. But He blesses us so much, I want so bad to be a good steward of money. Mainly I just want to start acting like an adult, not a little kid who just got her allowance and is already off to the candy store.
Anyways, blessed to read your posts again :)

Benjamin said...

Thank you, Brother, for this post; most enlightening. Several of the modern "advances" added to the church frustrate me. I find myself wanting to stand back and say, "Where is the Church heading?"

Remember, the jesters may get everyone laughing, but only the King's most faithful servants (Yea, His beloved children) may enter the inner court and walk with Him.

May you continue to enter the lush deepness of His presence. His Spirit rest on you (Isaiah 11:2)

In the Lamb's service,

Princess Warrior said...

This is the first time I think i have actually read your blog. I know that temptation is no excuse for sinning, but thanks for putting it into words. Good luck with your pre-teen and don't worry where you are weak and without a clue HE steps in. Love ya!
p.s. don't spill the coffee! LOL