Monday, March 13, 2006


It is shameful
to feed the hungry
and not fight for hunger

It is shameful
to shelter the homeless
and not advocate for affordable housing

It is shameful
to visit the prisoner
and not mandate liberty to captives

It is shameful
to visit the sick
and not raise hell on gradys
policies (privatized health care)
to charge the poorest of the poor

It is shameful
to go to church
and not struggle on behalf
of the poor and oppressed

It is shameful
to have money in the bank
and not build a society
where the nessesities
of life are a human right

Ed Loring

Although I do not really like the harse shameful wording in this poem, it sure makes a great point. We need to be looking at the bigger picture when it comes to who we are in Christ. And why we are in this world amongst the poor.

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Moose said...

I thought about not leaving a comment, as the church as a whole has not left comment or impact on this in our world, and that would be poetic... but then I thought... hey ya know, someone has to stand up and say hey, that is not right that the church is not doing that... the church should be... I agree, we gotta put feet to our faith, otherwise what is the point. Bless ya bro. Moose