Friday, May 26, 2006

Ramblin thoughts

Time for another download of my brain


For the last 5 weeks I have picked up a Saskatoon Realty guide and have gone to at least one open house per week. Heck my wife and I drove an hour and a half to the south end of Deifenbaker Lake to look at an 8 bedroom, 4 bath house with Lake Deifenbaker as the back yard. We got there and the kids were gone like a shot to the waters edge. Price was beyond us but it sure was fun to dream. I have never owned a house before (one more year come November and I get my first mortgage on a $63, 000 house) I have been searching for the heart of God regaqrding housing. some say that God wills for everything in your life, yet others say that You can do what you want as long as you are honoring God's principles. I am more prone to go with the latter one myself.

The problem is that I have 5 kids and a 4 bedroom house. I am in the slow and painful process of building a fifth room for my second eldest son, but it still appears to be small for us. (never mind Rene hehe) So we are faced with a dilema. We either build an addition which would include a new kitchen, dining room, mud room with a half bath and main floor laundry. Also we would build a new bathroom upstairs. Or we move to a larger house. Still the struggle that I have with that is my kids are making some good freindships with kids in the community. My wife and I are building relationships with our neighbors. I just don't know.

Sun burns

For the first time since I think I was a kid I went outside on Monday without a shirt on. (it was like +32) I was probably outside for two hours and I baked my back. I wasn't trying to tan or anything, I was simply too lazy to walk upstairs to get a shirt. So now I am suffering the consequences. The first two nights I felt like I was sleeping on sand paper. Today I noticed that my back is full of little blisters....that can't be good. I don't understand why anyone in thier right mind would bake themselves for fun. (no offence Care bear and Nin :-) ) I am very content with my farmers tan. Lesson well learned.


I have started on a quest to read 25 chapters of the bible each week. I have started with Genesis. The first few weeks were very inspiring and I was extremely eager. the last few weeks have been a lot harder. Last week was two chapters and this week has been zero thus far. It has shown me a pattern that needs to be broken. An idea comes up and I run after it with dedication then it seems to peter out and looses it's excitement once I get into it a few weeks. This is something that I want to break. God is a God of order and desires for us/me to be disciplined to read his word daily and follw his example.

Leading the home

This one is a tough one to figure out. I have learned a lot from a friend that men see things through blue glasses and women see things through pink glasses. With that in mind it is very difficult for me to lead my family spiritually. I always feel that I have to 'do' something to lead and that just doesn't sit with me. I am a firm believer in leading by example. I dont remeber the things my dad ever said, I remember the things that he did, the person that he was, the way he spoke with people, the way he defended me when I was wronged. He taught me a very good work ethic even though I was a sluggard in my younger years. ( I sound like I'm 50) So anyway I am still working through this one. I dont have the answers but desire to do the best that I can at it. If God gave me one of the most important tasks of raising up 5 God fearing children and loving their mother, then I need to trust that he knows what he is doing. And that he will lead me as I lead them.


I am a stickler when it comes to paying off debt...I hate debt. For the past few months we have been very short financially due to the fact that we have made some very strict and key financial goals for our family. One of them, to be debt free By July 15. In order to do that we need to make some very drastic payments to pay down our dept. Granted we don't have a huge debt load but what we do have, needs to go. I dont personally believe in saving money when I owe money elsewhere. I just doesn't seem right. I just recently recieved a Starbucks Duetto Visa card, which was a part of the plan due to the card we had previously had a $60 annual fee. The visa card doesn't have any fee's plus it has a lower interest rate. The sweet thing about the visa card is that everytime you use it, you get credits on a starbuck card redeemable for use for Coffee beverages...MMMM... that's my kind of card. Now we are going to cancel our other card. It was very cool too because we started looking for ways to save money each month. We looked at out phone and cell phone bill and we were able to cut cost's to the saving's of $150 a month. It's amazing how much we spend on things when it's broken down.

Unconditional Love

At work I have learned a philosophy of life that has grown on me and it has challenged me to live that way in every aspect of life. At work we call it Gentle teaching but in essence it is the Gospel message in action. Unconditional love. I have been wondering what that would look like in the church today. Discipleship, Childrens ministry, Men and Womens name it. Gentle teaching teaching four pillars
1. Safe
2. Loved
3. Loving
4. Engaged
It is our role as Christians o show each other and the world around us that they can feel safe and loved by us. Once they know that we can teach them to be loving toward others. Then once they are loving others you can teach them to be engaged in thier relational sphere. Be it Sunday school, the worship team, serving a neighbor...whatever.
There are 4 tool that we need to be using to teach the above things.

1. Eyes

Our eyes are said to be the window to the soul. We can tear down a person or build them up by the way that we look at them.

2. Presence

Our presence can be domineering or soothing depending on our body positioning. If we sit arms crossed and looking non interested, it will portray a message of rejection. We need to be aware of the way that we present our bodies at all times.

3. Words

The bible talks so much about the stregth of the tougue. How it can build up or tear down. We need to always use our words to teach a person that they are safe with us and loved by us. How else will a non christian want to join the family. We need to be deliberate in using postive words to show love and safety to others. For example "It is so good to be with you" or "I am so thankful that we are freinds"


My personal favorite tool. Touch can be any form of physical contact. It can be as simple as a high five or a full out hug. Age and gendre will at times hinder certain forms of touch as well as personal comfort levels. Touch needs to be genuine. It cannot be faked or the other person will see through that. Touch is such a concrete way of showing somebody that they are safe and loved by you. We only need to think about our closest relationships ad I'll bet that hugs or some sort of touch is in that freindship.

Okay I could go on for days on this topic. I think that's enough for now. Besides I think I just wrote my longest post.


carebear said...

I really liked reading this post. (not like i DON"T like reading your others...snicker)

I liked how you had your life in categories. I heared once that men are like waffles and women are like spagetti....
Men have everything all in little compartments, they are separated, and women think that everything is all connected. ???Just a thought for fun...

THanks for sharing all those things in your life. No offense taken to baking myself for fun! :) We get out the sprinkler or the slip and slide and keep cool that way. Besides, you don't burn if you do it right!! HEE HEE
Blisters tho? Yikes! That's gotta hurt. Aloe vera man.
take care.

Nin said...

Wow, thank you so much for sharing, and passing on what you are learning and seeking.
That's funny that you guys go see 8 bedroom houses to dream, cool :)
I do also tend to lean more towards agreeing with those who say you can do whatever you want, as long as you follow God's principles. I think we think God cares a lot more than He really does, about things like, where am I to live, where am I to work, what am I to drive. I think God just cares about our hearts, who we are driving those cars, who we are in our communities, and who we are at work. It's not like we're short of mission fields. But who knows...
I think the plans and dreams you have for your home sound awesome! I think it's great too that you are all building good relationships in your neighborhood. I'm watching my little one build friendships in our building as well, more than my hubby and I have made! Jesus was serious when He said a little child shall lead them.
About the sunburn, I feel for you, I really do, but I have to say farmer tans are a no no in my books. I pressured my hubby to take his shirt off on that same Monday. But then again, I've never had bad skin that's prone to burning and blistering. I don't think I've ever blistered in my life, and I can only remember one time that I've peeled. So I guess I'm ignorant of your pain.....sorry.
Am going to be sitting on what you've shared about disclipline, leading, and gentle teaching. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing those wise words, please keep sharing as you continue to press in to all that.
And finances, man, is that a never ending topic eh? We are still trucking away at that road, and it seems as soon as we learn something super cool, and think we've "got it", we get swept away with another bad habit, and realize, we know nothing. Amd so thankful that God is walking us through it, and not leaving us here to starve ourselves out of house and home into a black hole of debt. We too have been feeling very convicted to tackle our debt. I used to look very lightly at debt, like it was no big deal. And not like it's something to lose sleep over or worry about in anyway, but it's definately not something that God wills for us to have. I had to smile when I read you got a credit card that helps you buy your coffee. Figures....
Anyways, you'd think I was trying to beat you in the length of your post.......maybe I am......
blessings :)

Princess Warrior said...

I am glad I stopped by, I feel refreshed.

Song of Joy said...

What does it mean: "men see things through blue glasses and women see things through pink glasses"? I haven't heard that one before.