Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Inner city community

Community is very dear to my heart. I love being with people and enjoy opening up our home to others. Building relationships is so crutial. Building community in neighborhoods has always interested me also. Being I live in the inner city I have often talked to God about what community would look like in my 'hood'. I beleive that he is showing me that first hand. On our block alone we know 15 families. (some better than others) It is so cool, we go out at night and wander over to the nieghbors house/steps and we sit and visit....sometimes for hours. There are kids on the block that are becoming very dear to us as well. One girl in particular is the next closest thing to being our own daughter.

Anyway, God has been introducing us to so many families on our block over the past few weeks. Last night we saw that community come together. Our neighbors across the street are on holidays and are away for the month. Last night around 10:30 My wife saw emergency vehicles out front and came downstairs to notify me. I went across the street and two other neighbors were over at the house sweeping up broken glass. Apparently a man out of his mind (Literally) smashed in their glass door and ran upstairs to their third floor suite that they rent. He proceeded to throw bottles around and broke them up. (while the tenants were home) He then dove through their third floor window and fell onto the next door neighbors roof (probably a 25 foot drop) By the time he got himself together and got off the roof the police were there and locked him up.

It was so cool to see the community pull together. One family swept the floor, My wife went and watched a neighbors baby so our neighbor could help, another neighbor was vacuuming and cleaning the broken glass.

It was very interesting to watch peoples reactions to it. Some were afraid, while others huddled together to talk about the events that transpired. I assumed the calm role. It didn't really bother me, and as people were talking about how afraid they were I would remind them that no one was hurt (except maybe the man who
plummeted 25 feet) and that things would be alright. It was neat to be a light in the darkness (literally)

When a tenant from the second floor came home we explained the situation to her and four of us went up to her apartment with her to talk and make sure she was okay. (I must admit it was weird having all of us together in the persons apartment but she was so greatful that we were there with her.

Two hours later at around 12:30 AM we had the door boarded up and the house locked, and the community dispersed. As my wife and I were settling in to bed, we were so amazed at the sense of community that this little event produced. It was neat because everyone just assumed a responsibility.

I still do not have a vision per se for my block but God seems to be doing something amazing and he is letting me watch. I tell you... I fell deeper in love with my community last night.

God is so good


Nin said...

what a neat and incredibly weird thing to witness. Glad to hear everyone was alright. You and your wife are definately walking in your destiny where you are. So encouraging to the rest of us :)

carebear said...

You are totally called to be there. you have such a gift, and holly too. It challenges me to watch you walk out your calling and convictions....keep testifying!!!