Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hanging out at Chitek Lake

I was invited out to LT's cabin for the weekend. Things were adventerous. To start things off I got directions from the internet ( don't reccommend it) and ended up an hour north of Chitek lake. We had to re route via a 90 Km logging road that was wet from a previous nights rain fall. Needless to say that last hour was a little bit harrowing. We accually fishtailed doing 60 but the little echo we were in was good to get us back on track. I went up with another guy from S'toon (Jadon). Late Friday night we were joined by some other of Lt's freinds from Alberta. It was fun hanging out, eating and drinking (MMMMMM....Coke). It is so refreshing to get away and talk about God and our relationship to him and each other. We listened to some good teaching and had meaningful fellowship. Twas fun. I love getting out in to nature, I seem to sense God there.

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Dave King said...

It was great spending time with you as well.

- Peace