Monday, August 28, 2006

Meet and greet update

Tonight was our community meet and greet. It was really a lot of fun. It was cool because the people that came were people that we were already in relationship with. I wonder if that is how you truly build community. We had 11 adults and 12 children. Our neighbors beside us came over as well. It was really neat to see that they came. I think that community bilding is simply building relationships with others. Tonight I was invited over to my neighbor's house this winter for some Calgary and Edmonton hockey games.
I decided that I would come into this evening without any expectation in fear that I may be discouraged with the turn out. Also it helped me relax and visit. Another neat thing was that everyone was very excited about this meet and greet, and two other families really want to make this an annual event. One suggested that next year we block off the street and have it on our streets. I am very excited to see what transpires.
For now I feel that I am going to lay low for a bit and continue to pray. It really dawned on me while I was away that I need to soak everything in prayer. On a side note it was really encouraging to see my oldest son utilizing his gifts. I made coffee and he brought it out, plugged in the coffee pot then brought out the coffee cups. Then awhile later he brought out a bowl of plums from the fridge.. At first I was going to tell him to put them back but then I realized what he was doing and I let him. a very good night indeed.

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carebear said...

your last few posts, i have picked out the parts where you share your weakness as a human...(NOT LIKE IM TRYING! LOL)
But how you said, you almost got josh to put the plums back...that's totally what i woulda done! I love the spirit of God over comes in you as you parent. you speak alot by your walk.