Friday, August 25, 2006

Tidal wave wins the day

Well the day went well. It started off rough. Our three year old opened the back gate at my parents place and ran off. We didn't realize it for about 5 minutes or so. After that all 8 of us tore out searching the neighborhood for the boy. I tell you I dont scare easily, but my heart was starting to race. A three year old boy in Calgary....not cool. I was praying my head off. "God where is that kid, you know where he is, lead me to him" I finally found him 3 blocks away standing on a lawn. I didn't know if I wanted to scold him or hold him....I settled for the latter. After that ordeal we headed off to Calaway Park. I was most surprised by my 5 year old son. He was crazy. He loved every ride we took him on. The tidal wave was his favorite. He would raise his arms in the air on the rise. The rollercoaster on the otherhand didn't pan out. "It looks a lot smaller from the highway" was my kids response. I tried dragging my eldest son on but only got to the stairs when he was really scared, so we decided to cancel the ride. Did the log ride, got soaked, had fun. Would do it again in a shot. It is so much fun watching your kids have fun. Leaving for Saskatoon Sunday.


Fire Starter said...

Sounds like fun, other than the loosing the kid part. Looking forward to having you back!

carebear said...

I've lost a few kids in Walmart....totally scary....Calgary would have given me a heart attack, and I probably would have settled for scolding them instead....(blush)
If you can get them on that first time, it gets easier. it's just that first time....they don't know what to expect. When I'm old and gray, I'll ask them if they wanna ride the zipper with