Wednesday, September 27, 2006

a dream come true

I wanted to share something that I think is very cool. I am in a housing co-op through Quint Developement Coorporation. To qualify I needed to apply, then the application went to a selection committee which approved our application. I have been in my house for four years now and next year I recieve the title on my house.
Back when I first moved into Riversdale (an inner city community), I went to Prince Albert to listen to John Mcknight who is a world renowned speaker on community developmment. One of the things that he said was to plug into a community association in order to make yourself known and to build relationship with the ones who can make change happen. I went to my communities AGM and someone there nominated me to be on the board. Six months into it someone who was a Quint representative for the community association stepped down and there was a vacanccy for the Quint rep. So I volunteered to be that person. My job was to communicate between Quint and Riversdale. With that I joined the Quint Developement board of directors. I have been on it for three years now, and just this past year (last Monday in fact) I was asked if I would chair the selection committee. I am very excited about this as I get to look over housing applications and help decide who gets approved. I think it is ironic that I was the one applying four years ago, now I am the one who will be assisting in the selections.
Just a plug for NHOP (Neighborhood Home Ownership Program)
If you are a family who makes under $30,000 you may qualify to be a home owner.
- The Saskatchewan government and city of Saskatoon provide funding for a 30 % or more downpayment on your home.
- The downpayment on the house is forgiven after five years in the co-op. Once the title is in your name the equity gets put into your house.
It is a great program. I would recommend it to anyone. Plus the community that God has built here is amazing. People ask me how I like living in the heart of the inner city. I smile back at them and tell them that I absolutely love it, and I really do. It would take a lot of convincing for me to want to leave my block. I have never lived in a neighborhood with so much freindliness.

some interesting facts on income levels

Neighbourhood Average Income Percent Income under $20K
Source: City of Saskatoon Neighbourhood Profiles 7th Edition - December 2003
City of Saskatoon $62, 451 16.09%
Core Neighbourhoods $32, 475 40.76%
Caswell $40, 217 12.00%
King George $33,690 22.00%
Pleasant Hill $26,753 26.00%
Riversdale $29,272 22.00%
Westmount $32,444 20.00%

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