Saturday, September 30, 2006

Something is brewing

Tonight after supper the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and there was a drunk man standing there. He proceeded to tell me that he needed a light for his cigarette. We talked for a bit, then I called in to the house for Holly to get our BBQ lighter. I didn't feel it was wise to invite him in. Holly got the lighter and as he smoked we had a chat about his life, where he is at. He showed me bruises on his arms and shoulders where he was beaten with a bat the night before. We probably talked about 20 minutes or more. Finally he mentioned that he was hungry and also needed a light for his friends back at home. I grabbed him some food and a lighter, and he staggered away.
As he was talking, I was having my own conversation in my head. "Why God did he come to this house? Why not my neighbors house? Coincidence? I am not a large believer in coincidence. I started having a huge desire to go and sit in the Barry Hotel (Probably the city's dirtiest/scariest bars in Saskatoon and a mere 2 blocks from my house) and hang out with the people there. As I was praying one evening I felt impressed in my heart to go to the Barry during the day for coffee. I believe that God wants to speak to me there.
When I was in the Vineyard I used to do crazy things like that all of the time. Kelly and I would go into the Barry and give people donuts and coffee on Saturday mornings. Man the faith that I had back then was inspiring. I seldom questioned God, I would hear and do. Now I am a "Yabut man" God speaks and I respond.."ya but what about this, Ya but what about that. Funny how hurts in your life shut down your faith.
Anyway it is interesting how things are happening. I'm not looking for it. There seems to be a renewing passion for social justice and mercy. I dont even know what the heart of God is regarding social justice. Sure you hear talk about it but really what is it? Mercy has been dorment in my life for a very long time. I am not sure what God is doing but it sure is good. If I go to the Barry tonight I will blog about it tomorrow.

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