Monday, December 11, 2006

Lord of the Dance

The story line of Lord of the Dance

The stories had all been written and everyone knew their parts.

But the ancient clans, sitting in their
stone circles, heard rum-blings and
the spirits dream was troubled. A new dark power
had emerged to challenge the Lord of the Dance.

The little spirit travels through time
and space to help the Lord
of the Dance protect his mythical people.
On an incredible adventure
they encounter love, desire and danger.

My wife and I had the pleasure of going to see Lord of the Dance Monday night. It was amazing. I have been waiting 9 years to see it. It is a combination of sensual dance (not inappropriate), darkness, and gifted dancers. The finale is amazing, Anyone who has seen or heard Lord of the Dance can only imagine what it is like in real life. I cannot put the experience in words, but as a freind said that about sums it up.

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