Saturday, April 28, 2007

my community is changing

My block has a variety of home owners and slum houses. the slum houses have been quite a concern for me. They bring down the property value of the houses plus the renters are....well struggling we will say. About eight months ago I prayed about the house next door to me as it is a slum house. For four years we had a drug dealer living beside us. One night I prayed and asked God to deal with the lawlessness on my block, especially the house beside mine. Soon after the person next door moved out. They were good people, just broken. I continued to ask God to deal with the lawlessness and rallied with my neighbors to have it condemned. Unfortunately that didn't work so another family moved in.

We have gotten to know our new neighbors over the past few months. Last weekend I got word that the landlord was wanting to sell the house beside me. I got very excited. I began to pray and asked God to buy that house. Last night I was talking to the landlord of the house and got more details on the house and the selling price. We probably talked for an hour. Today there were some other folks that came to look at the house. I went over to them as they were getting into their truck and asked them if they were interested in buying the house. Apparently there is a conditional offer on the house. I found out that the guy I was talking to is a real estate investor with Caldwell Banker. He was telling me that it only cost $5000 to tear down a house. He said he would like to buy the property and the house beside it (a burnt out house) and tear them down. He said he may also be interested in building a duplex on the property. This is starting to get exciting. People are daily driving down our streets looking for houses to buy. (Heck the guy I was talking to today said he would be interested in buying my house) Is this an answer to my prayer? Time will tell. I thought that it would be great to have it documented just in case God is up to something, this would be a terrific testimony.


Nathan said...

What are the houses on that block moving for?

CWG said...

I'm not sure actually.