Sunday, April 22, 2007

No Flame broiled wings this year

Well the Calgary Flames are out of the playoffs in six games. Ironic, last year they were solid in defense and lacked offense. This year they were sixth in scoring and lacked defense. They gave up 265 shots in six games. Last year the Flames averaged 26 shots against on net. that is the equivalent of ten games. They just didn't have the heart this year. No fire, even when they won it was sketchy. If it weren't for Kipper we would have been out in four games. for the love of my son I will now have to eat crow and move on to the West coast and cheer on the Canucks.


Kjersti said...

This is the first year I've cared about any hockey team. I too sat in stunned silence late last night. I had no words of comfort for my suddenly catatonic boyfriend. It was rough, man.

Jadon said...

Oh I have to cheer for the Canucks? That's pretty painful for me, a Flames fan.

CWG said...
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