Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Should we stay or should we go?

Since Ethan was born we have been contemplating moving. This is a tough decision to make as we like our community and the price of our mortgage is affordable. With that said we have some things in our house that need a face lift or addition. They are:

- Only one washroom for 8 people
- A kitchen that doesn't function well
- No shower
- No place for our kids to get away and play, and no place for them to go when friends are over. Last Christmas I did build an 8' by 6' games room out of a nook and cranny in the basement for them to play in, which they love.
- Our basement is 6.5 feet high, so I am constantly banging my head on vents, chimney etc.
- The bedrooms in the basement are very small. They are good while the kids are young but when they are teenagers thier rooms will be cramped.
- No storage space to speak of.

Dont read this as a complaint, This is simply an inventory of what things we may look for in another house. I am interested in buying a fixer upper at an affordable rate and fixing it up. I would also like to continue living in the inner city, one because I enjoy that area, two because the homes are affordable.

At this point we are not sure what to do. There is not a lot out there that we can currently afford. The money that we would have to invest into our current home would equal the mortagage on a newer home. With all that said we have always relied on Jehovah Jirah to provide a home for us, and I would hope that we will continue that trend.


RTD said...

1 bathroom is OK for now, but when
more than half of the kids are teens then it could be a small issue.

small spaces, kinda reminds me of the house in bowness, not even a "real" basement there, no stairs either just a ladder into a dirt hole.

the "right opportunity" will present itself at the right time, just like that house was the "right opportunity" when you first got it.

▒ («► RD ◄») ▒

Camille said...

hmmm... haven't been to your blog for a while... but just wanted to say that I will be praying that the perfect house comes for you, whether you find it next week or in a few years.... His ways our not our ways!! So cool to watch you guys being faithful...
(and wow we feel humbled...we have 2 washrooms for 2 people...!)

NªDH∆N said...

blog's gone underground. email me if you want to be part of the "in crowd" heh