Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where is CWG

Been pondering a lot of things lately.


Times are coming soon where we will need to have our faith solely in Christ. I went to see Rambo and athough I would not reccommend the movie, God was speaking to my spirit through it. Throughout the movie there is civil war and the violence was horrific. As I watched, I sensed that God was telling me that although it was explicit, that very thing is happening throughout the world. I got to thinking about where my faith would be in the midst of that caos. Times are not far off where we will be needing to take hold of our faith.

Saskatoon's housing boom

We need to get ourselves out of debt. When the US economy crashes (and it will) it will have a devastating impact on our economy. This is one reason that I feel God wants my family to not get house poor and stay where we are. I feel that this housing boom is a trap that puts false security into home owners. People are borowing thousands of dollars on equity they think are in their homes. I sense that when the US economy crashes our housing prices will drop. Leaving thousands of people with thousands of dollars in debt with no equity to secure it. For some reason my spirit is not at peace with the housing boom in Saskatoon. It just feels like a trap.

How will the church respond to homelessness?

As the housing market continues to climb, more and more people are going to become homeless. I feel that the time is coming where the churches (buildings) are going to become overnight shelters for people that have nowhere to go or sleep. The church is going to need to step up to care for the homeless because the government is not going to do it. I feel a strong sense of urgency on this.

Church on my block

I really want to see what God is going to do on my block. I felt a strong sense when I moved into this area that Riversdale was going to cause a Godly jealousy. When we moved into our community not one person (outside of one family) felt comfortable with us moving into the area. The word that came to my mind was the neglected inner city. There are now 5 Christians on my block. For years I have longed to see church happening organically in my neighborhood. I long to see community. I pray to the Lord of the harvest to bring others to life by his spirit. I long to stop being so insecure to step out in faith and speak prophetically into the lives of the many hurting people on my block. What would it look like if we reached out and obeyed the heart of God for others? If we put ourselves in the place where the God of the bible can be the God of the bible?

Just some rambling thoughts....


Nin said...

Definately worth the looooong wait. haha!
I am so with you on the faith thing, and definately the S'toon housing boom. Am loving your thoughts and convictions about debt, and you're right, people are justifying it (or out right deceived) that it's building equity into their home. We've been having the same convictions.
You have such an amazing heart for God, and I love hearing all the stuff that goes on in there. Keep sharing, it challenges others.

Carebear and Firestarter said...

When are you NOT pondering???? LOL

These are challenging thoughts.

Princess Warrior said...

Hey Let's chat about the homeless shelter in our church. I had the exact same thought not 2 weeks ago.