Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best of both worlds

Had a friend over for a fire on the weekend. We had a great time talking about the inner city and sharing our views on homelessness. The topic changed after awhile (and after kids went to bed) and we started to discuss church. I shared with my friend that as a leader in my church I want to see great things happening in our midst. I long for the God of the bible to be the God of the bible. problem is that we have to do our part.

a) I desire to see transformation on my block, in my area. I also know that a traditional church presence will turn them off. What my community needs is someone who will love them as they are, where they are. Not that we turn a blind eye to their sin but love them regardless of their sin. I remember when I moved into Riversdale, God spoke to my heart and said "Riversdale does not need another ministry they need a minister". I took that to heart and believe that is the heart of God for all areas and people groups. I want to minister to people on my block and show them the love of Christ by example and by getting into their lives. There are 5 followers of Christ on my block that attend the same church as I do. I have been thinking what it may look like if we began meeting together with the focus of loving and serving our neighbors.

b) As a life group leader in my church I desire to lead those in my group to see that ministry and service is a lifestyle, not an experience. John 14:17 says if you love me you will obey me. I long to teach those in my group to obey Christ, learn together what it means to obey and to obey Christ in whatever area they are in, whether it is work, school, ministry or whatever. Also to teach the wisdom in obeying Christ and looking at what his word teaches us. I see life groups or small groups as refueling stations. All too often we have taken small groups and made a huddle where in reality we need to be focussed outside the group and come together to encourage each other to get back out there and love people. The picture in my mind is a circle of believers where they are all holding hands and facing the outside of the circle. The power of unity is strong and powerful. It builds each other up to go out and obey Christ in their life.

Getting back to my title, I want both of these things in my life. Deep down in my heart of hearts I want to plant house churches as a lifestyle. I am trying to figure out how these two meet. I believe very strongly that they will. At this point I want to be obedient to the call God has given me for my community, and to serve my church family and love them towards obedience to Christ.

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Carebear and Firestarter said...

God uses you in such amazing ways. He is alive and well in your heart. He speaks through you and to you. God is glorified in your life and in the life of your family....

you are a blessing....

you truly are a child of the living God