Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saying goodbye

My dad has been sick for some time. He has renal failure and has maybe 15 % kidney function, clogged arteries, diabetes, and recently diagnosed with heart trouble....all at age 64. His health has been going down hill for about 5 years. Just last week he had his third minor heart attack. It did enough damage to cause the doctors to look into surgery. This coming week he is undergoing a angioplasty to try to clear his arteries. After that they will consider doing open heart surgery. His survival rate to come out of a major operation is slim. I have decided to drive down with my wife, oldest and youngest son to go see him.
As I prayed about it on the weekend I sensed that God was saying that this is the beginning of the end. One would think that I would be worried or concerned but my heart is at peace. It's almost wierd. I mean no negative emotion whatsoever. I think one reason is that I dont get upset over death. I see it as a natural way of life (Maybe my spirit is trusting God as he is the one who is in control anyway).
So Monday morning I am driving out to Calgary. Some friends are going to move into our house and watch the kids and another friend is going to drive my van down on the weekend with the rest of my kids. I feel that this trip is a trip to say goodbye to my dad. I dont know if he will pass away this week, but I do know that I will have this memory of being with him which will last a life time.
I feel very strongly that I need to bring my eldest son with us. I think that God is going to do something in his heart. (please pray into that as the spirit of God leads you)
I will be bringing my notebook with me so I will try to update this post as I know more or if God speaks further on this issue.
I want to share some of the things that I have thought about this weekend
- Life is short and we need to pursue the heart of God for our lives and live our lives to the fullest.
- We need to honor our parents and seek the heart of God for them and find ways to encourage them.
- Where do we put our trust when adversity comes our way?

One last thing that I want to share is that I have felt for years (10 or more) that I would lead my dad to Christ on his death bed. My question to God this weekend was "Is this the time" We will see.
At this point I am off to say goodbye.


Carebear and Firestarter said...

our hearts and prayers are WITH YOU!!!!!!!!
we love you. we will be seeking God about Josh and other things.


Benjamin said...

Brother, been a while, but I pray God gives you the great peace of His presence. May even death stand aside for the King of Glory to come among you. Blessings and mercy fall upon you and yours.

I have had a similar revelation of a close for my surrogate father; may God the Father give them rest. Amen.

By His love,