Thursday, July 10, 2008

update on dad

First off I need to clarify that in my last post I mentioned that death does not affect me. That is not what I was communicating. I was communicating that at times my heart is at peace when someone passes away. Not that I am cold toward the person dying.
I spent the last few weeks in Calgary with my dad. It was a very special time. The first week I went and served my dad. I would constantly touch him, give him massages, wash his feet, whatever brought him comfort. He had an angiogram which showed much blockage in his heart region. there was 3 spots that were 90 % blocked and another that was 100% blocked. The surgeon decided to to a triple bypass. He has that today.At 2:15 my dad came out of it alive. He is still critical for 48 hours but things are looking good for him.
Spending time with him had me realize what life is all about. All my dad cared about was seeing his family. Every time when I left he would get up out of bed and embrace me (coming from a man that is not emotional this was amazing and very special. It showed me that the things I consider important is nothing if you have not love. My job is useless if I dont have love, my money is pointless without love. In the face of death even food is as ash in the mouth compared to the embrace of another. I am challenged to love deeper listen slower, embrace longer. I love my dad and he loves me and that is all that matters to him. (As well as his other family members) So I know that my dad is in "good hands" (when I say good hands I mean GOOD HANDS) I am at peace, just longing to be with my family supporting my mom.

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Carebear and Firestarter said...

WOW, thanks for sharing these deep intimate thoughts with us...God uses EVERYTHING! May God contiue to speak volumes to each of you through this time.
ps, Is, is out in our backyard playing with Noah, they are having a blast! Noah comes upstairs this morning and says "hey mom, you know that guy that sings, 'from the belly of a whale'? well he's dating hanna montana!.....Israel told me that!"