Saturday, August 16, 2008

Loving Ave D

When Holly and I got back from Calgary in July I felt a strong conviction that we needed to begin praying actively for our community. Pray specifically for each individual as they were on our heart.
We have three other bible believing followers of Christ on our block so the 5 of us have been trying to meet Mondays to pray. The fruit has been amazing...God always amazes me. I try doing things in my own strength and they fall flat. I soak them in prayer and wait for God to move and he does amazing things.
There is one family on our block that is really on our heart. This family is the type of family that attracts the darker folks. They are the type of people that you would want your kids playing across the street rather than in their yard. I have no idea what their extra curricular activities are and probably dont want to know, but besides all that they are great people and Jesus loves them.
We have not had opportunity to spend time with them as there was always a reservation on both sides. The very week that we started praying we invited this family over to our house for a fire as is our custom every Tuesday, as we have been hosting weekly gatherings to keep our small group connected over the summer. This family came over and the husband started opening up and shared with me about his life and the churches that he has attended. I also found out that his dad was a traveling missionary in Canada. His wife has also been opening up and sharing some of the things that she struggles with. Just three weeks ago she came over and asked if she could take our 4 and 7 year old to the dollar store. With much reservation and discernment Holly let them go. When I got home that day, She informed me of that and we rejoiced in the fact that Holly had just opened the door for us to take her 4 year old out some time. We realized that if Holly had closed her heart and said no that it would have closed the door to us taking her little guy out for ice cream or to buy him some shoes. ( I honestly dont know if he owns his own pair)
As for the kids, they are a huge investment to our community. When we open our gate to the back yard, kids from all over the block flock to our yard. I'm sure it has been chaotic to our guests at times but our yard is a symbol of unconditional love and acceptance and it is good. Heck even last night I went out front and all the kids were playing on our front yard. A person would have to come and witness what God is doing here, it truly is a blessing.
About a month ago 4 of us filled up probably 500-600 water balloons and had a community water fight. It was so much fun it started with water balloons then we started filling up anything that held water to continue our water fight. We probably played for an hour or more. LOL we even went across the street and lured Jeff out of his suite and everyone attacked him.
We have been hosting people in our back yard all summer and people throughout the community come over at various times. We are really starting to see an impact in peoples comfort levels. In fact the family that I was talking about is interested in doing a parenting video with a few of us.
The bible teaches us to sow our seeds in fertile soil so that the seeds that you plant go deep. Well the family that we are spending time with have a load of crap in their lives. And as you know lots of crap makes great fertilizer. Good fertilizer makes good soil. So why not sow your seeds there right?
I was talking with one of my friends that is praying with us and was sharing with him that if God was to captivate their hearts, that family would have so much influence in the lives of their friends. Wow that would be amazing.
I cant wait to see what else God wants to do here. It's so easy to get involved when God sets it up.


Nin said...

wow! You guys are so awesome an so challenging!I love that I know you. I admire and look up to you both in so many ways. We love you! Thank you for sharing your heart and your faith! You're planting seeds in anyone who reads this post.

flowerlady said...

that is so cool. thanks for spending so much time with us this summer. we love you guys and love seeing what god is doing through you as you obey him...blessings