Sunday, August 24, 2008


Phew a week into my holidays and i am tired. I have taken two weeks off but not to least not yet.
Three weeks ago when Holly and the kids went to Beechy I went to work on my house as well as working fulltime.
I ripped out my chimney, giving me more space on the main floor and in the bedrooms upstairs.
With the chimney out I was able to install a door in the boys room, something they have never had as the chimney obstructed it. I also continued the gruelling process of finishing my basement.
Since Holly was away and I was demolishing stuff I ripped out the archway between the dining room and the living room also.
Oh and I had the inspiration to rip the walls of Boy 1's room to insulate it...a day before Holly got home. Needless to say the house was not clean when she got home.
This past week I drywalled his room, the basement and installed a front door. I had some friends help me which was very helpful. One of my friends is a liscensed carpenter so he saved me a lot of time.

Upcoming winter projects:

- insulate the upper walls in the games room and boy 5's room.
- tape, mud and paint basement
- dig out concrete in basement and pour two concrete footings
- lift the house to set in place 2 teleposts for future kitchen renovation
-replace all my windows with energy efficient windows
- install cabinets for Holly's craft stuff (priority)
- Lift a corner in my bathroom where it is sinking and support it (That is where I am going to put my tub so I can have a stand up shower....stand up shower what a concept)
So with working full time and family life, and ministering, things will be busy.

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