Saturday, August 30, 2008

living with boys

Last summer my preschool/elementary boys room smelled like a well used out house. For weeks we rummaged the room, looking for evidence of something decaying or worst. A day before going on holidays, I was helping the boys put thier lego away and noticed that they were sticky, the lego :) . I looked further and the bottom of the lego container was "crystalized" yup someone peed in the lego box.
Our most recent occurence was similar. First off last night I was relaxing in the tub after a day of working around the house and cleaned up. Tonight my wife was giving one of our boys a bath and started wasing his hair. As she was washing his hair she smelled a strong urine scent. She tried ignoring it but it would not go away. So she leaned over and smelled our sons head....sure enough, someone had peed in the shampoo bottle. The thing that sucks is that after some further investigation we found out that it happenned yesterday afternoon, which meant that I washed my hair with shampee. Yes raising 5 boys is a joy, we have learned to never underestimate where a boy may decide to pee.

we have caught our boys peeing

- on the street
- on the sidewalk
- on/off the deck
- into the firepit
- into a candle holder
- into pop bottles
- off the bed

- puddles in the street
- off the tramp
- into ice cream pail
- in the kitchen garbage

Now that I posted this, I'm off to wash my hair.

If anyone else has other places their boys have peed please add to the list, it would be funny to read. (I'll bet flower lady can add to this list =)


starting over said...

My brother peed in the fountains at West Edmontin mall. What can can I say, he was a three year old farm boy.

jillarae said...

my boy and his male cousin peed from the top of a staircase downwards, just to see who could go farther (their dad's were watching them, and i bet they'd tried it themselves 30 years prior - they laughed so hard)

Firestarter said...

I think that's why God gave me girls and ONE boy! Cause I would NOT be laughing! I'll laugh with you hahaha....but if it was me.....I can't even say what I'd do!!!

Good for you for gracefully exchanging your shampee with shampoo... hopefully it's shampoo and not shamPOO!!! AAAHHHHH!!! CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE!!!

Although when I was a kid, I remember thinking it was really cool to pee behind the big Loraas bin! My mom freaked on my head!!

Carebear said...

the last comment was me i guess i was using the wrong account by accident

flowerlady said...

okay, that is too funny. I needed a good laugh today. Hmmmmmmm, why yes, I believe I can add to that list...

the garbage can has always been a favorite (most often one that is BESIDE the toilet)
I had one boy pee his bed on purpose because he was mad at me and looking for some attention...he got it alright
A 5 gallon pail in the basement, cause they were too lazy to go upstairs to use the toilet
a bucket full of nails
the tub toy container

that's all I can think of for now. Shampee, that's too funny

RTD said...

I know someone who was once 5 and, once (only once and never again after a severe whooping) went into an empty bathtub to avoid making any noise (you know the noise that the water in the bowl makes), and thus be discovered as being awake before anyone else.
so carefully inspect the tub before filling it.