Monday, August 03, 2009


I have been hearing alot of of chatter and conversations about church and how Sunday mornings don't cut it. I understand as I was there. I am still there, but for the first time in my life I feel a peace in my heart. 6 months ago I encountered a situation where God captivated my heart and asked me point blank, "Do you not trust me enough to work here in the hearts of my people"? That hit me like a brick. I was looking at leadership and trusting them for peace....dummy. If we look at leadership to fulfill our needs, of course we will be frustrated. If we look at Sunday mornings we will be frustrated. Jesus Christ is the reason we meet together. The fellowship of believers is the reason we meet. I was thinking about this last Sunday and its like going to your parents house for supper on Sunday nights. It's a nice place to visit and find fellowship but we dont live our lives there. We go and then we continue our lives.

I am beginning to wonder if our discontent is personal, We dont like church because we dont do church ourselves? I am the worst at judging others, my pride takes a ride and I can get on the judgment wagon pretty quick. But I am also realizing that it is God who leads me and it is God who will work in me and through me. We need to see the bigger picture here church, we need to stop looking at what is missing and realize that we are responsible to each do our part together.

Is Sunday mornings church, of course not but it is a gathering of believers that God will bless. He looks at the motivations of the heart not the act. I think we get too worked up looking at what should be. throughout scripture God commands us to obey him. Obey HIM. that is a personal thing. Sure the church has messed things up but so have we in our lives. We need to stop looking at faults in the body and start to body build. What if God wants to use you as a catalyst to bring change. Bring change with a submissive and willing heart to grow and to disciple.

In Nehemiah the people who committed to rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem worked together. Every man and his helper it says. Each man worked in front of his own house. Trowel in one hand and a sword in another. We are missing something vital here church. God wants us all to do our part to bring the gospel to others. How the heck will others come if they see us backstabbing each other and not being in unity. The issue is the lack of trust in the sovereignty of God. God is faithful to complete his mission anywhere he chooses. Be it someone's living room, a sanctuary, a park , a car etc. It's not what we do Sunday mornings that is the issue. It is what we do during the rest of the week that matters. Are we being faithful to what God is asking us to do wherever we are? Be it Sunday mornings or during work or at the gym? I am really starting to believe that Gods heart is that we will be willing and available to serve him in any capacity. I fear that we will be hurting his body that he builds if we do not stand in unity and dont fight against judgment.

I do believe that God wants to move out of the Sunday morning structure into true community, but I also believe he has a plan to bring that about, and guess what, it may not be the way we expect it. Lets change our focus, look to God and trust him for HIS church, be faithful to what God is calling YOU to do and encourage others to do the same. Gods will done in Gods way will never lack Gods supply.


Carol said...

Dear CWG,
I’ve read over this post a couple of times and have been thinking a lot about what you’ve said. I’d like to begin a conversation. For today I’d just like to start with talking about your first paragraph.

I agree that anytime you look to people for your peace it’s not going to work. I don’t agree that people’s frustration with Sunday mornings should necessarily be taken as a negative thing. Now I don’t know your exact situation with the comments you’ve been hearing about church and I don’t know the context of “how Sunday mornings don’t cut it”. But I do find that when brothers and sisters in the body of Christ question the status quo, it can be an opportunity for some positive change. I am part of a church where everyone feels pretty comfortable with questioning different opinions, teachings, as well as the way we do things. It is of great benefit to the body of Christ for it forces us to analyze what we believe and do. I’ve found that it has made a positive impact rather than a negative one and I know I have become more mature in my faith is a result.

I would also say that Sunday mornings may not be the best context for everyone to enjoy the fellowship of believers. The fellowship of believers is not limited to Sunday mornings only. Nor is it limited to a set time/date/place to meet. The fellowship of believers happens all the time – when meeting with a friend for coffee, when having guests over for dinner, when camping, when hanging out to watch the hockey game, etc. I know that for myself I best connect with smaller groups of people. For me, the ‘fellowship of believers’ does not happen in a large group setting because there isn’t an opportunity to connect one on one there.

Those are my thoughts for now…

Jenny said...

I think it's always easier to say to let go and let God but when we are faced to do that we aren't sure what to do. You're blessed to have experienced that and made the right choice. Good luck on everything. By the way, these best gifts that you could give your better-half might interest you too. Thanks and have a nice and fulfilling day.