Monday, October 18, 2004

Seeing with Elisha's eyes

I want to share with you something that is dear to my heart. For many years my prayer to God has been to give me Elisha's eyes. I am reminded about the servant that went out of his tent one morning and saw that his camp was surrounded by the enemy. Well needless to say, he freaked and ran to Elisha. He replied "Oh my lord, what shall we do" Then Elisha responded and said "Oh Lord open his eyes that he may see" then he saw a multitude of Gods army surrounding the enemy. WOW that is so cool.I want that. I don't want to see my situations and freak out, I want to remain calm (allowing the peace of Christ to rule in my heart) and see what the bigger picture is. I want to be a watchman, someone who watches at the gate for trouble then alerts the proper people. Plus what a blessing to have eyes that can truly see. Who knows what God has intended for me but I am going to train my eyes to see further that what the physical eyes can see.

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