Friday, December 03, 2004

God's heart at Christmas

Back in 1993 I was seeking the heart of God for Christmas and following was his reply.

Oct. 19’ 1993

RE: Christmas

I did security for a music/video warehouse and while I was on patrol God started speaking to me regarding his heart for Christmas. Some of this was personally for me however this is also the heart of God for Christmas.

“Look at all of these video’s, they are not only commercial, but they

leave out the most important part of Christmas, ‘Christ’. I want Holly and
you to raise your children with Christ centered at Christmas time. I am

going to show and teach you Christmas my way. Not with all of the

commercial stuff around. I want you to spend time celebrating Jesus,
praying and just being with him, not just reading Luke but putting your

heart into Christmas.
Who said that the biggest gift is the best gift? And who said the most

expensive gift is the best gift? I say that the biggest, best and priceless gift
is your heart, therefore do not give according to the size, but according to
your heart. If a poverty stricken boy from Mexico gave you a deflated
rubber ball, you would be overwhelmed by his act of love. Yet if a very
rich man gave you a new car, which of the two would touch your heart
more; a ball from a poverty stricken boy or a car from a man that gives
because he can afford to? A gift is only a gift if it is given from the heart.
(No matter how small the gift)

Santa is a god at Christmas. Gifts become gods, basically anything
that takes your eyes and heart from me become gods. That is why it is so
important to me that you and Holly center Jesus around the Christmas
season. Christmas is a huge birthday bash that gets bigger and better
every year. If someone came to your child and said that Mary was their
savior and that they needed to look to her for love and prayers, would you
not sit your child down and explain to them what Mary’s role was and
then show them the truth. That through my word Jesus is the way the
truth the life and no will get to the father except through him. In the same
way, this is what I want you to do with your Children. When people in
your child’s life tell them of Santa Clause, elves or anything else out of my
glory, tell the truth. Sit them down and explain to them that the focus on
Santa is made up of lies from the enemy to take peoples eyes off of the
true meaning of Christmas ‘Christ’”.

Q: What about opposition to this:

A: “What would Jesus do in opposition? Would he turn from his obedience to please man? I don’t think so. When Jesus was in opposition he would speak truth to the person who was opposing him. They opposed when Jesus healed on the Sabbath, yet he said ‘it is better to do good on that day that to leave him unhealed. If you know who is opposing you, tell
them why you are doing what you are doing and what you have learned. this way you will be testifying for me, giving me the glory, showing your
faith and obedience. (Faith that will be greatly increased through this).
state your claim. Be strong, do not let anyone sway your opinion. Do not
allow Satan to rob you of this hope and strength. This is ‘your’ life and
‘you’ choose what to do. I tell and teach and you listen and learn. A good
student will choose the answer that he feels the strongest on. The same thing applies here. You know my voice, you know my spirit. Therefore if I tell you something, you will go for it, knowing that I am calling you to do it. I urge you to stand on these things that I am telling you about and hold them close to your heart. I am not saying that this will be easy. I am saying that It will be worth it. You will be richly blessed for it. Take my challenge and run with it.”

‘I guarantee this with my heart’

My wife and I have been doing this since 1993 and let me tell you, it has as wonderful effect on children. When Christmas comes, our kids don't get carried away with gift recieving. sure we bless our kids, but our focus has never been on the gift, and our children have a greater expectation of Christmas also. I encourage you all to pray about this and see what God would put on your heart.

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