Monday, May 16, 2005

It's all about.....him

I have been struggling a lot lately. Struggling with who I am, where I am going and why I am who I am. My job has been stressful. It shouldn't be, it is the same job, with the same responsibilities. There has been a nagging feeling deep within. I have been questioning my place in my church, not that I have one. Questioning why I do the things I do there. Are they for a purpose? Is there a vision leading me? I was out with a great friend tonight and I began to realize that my discontent has been out of God trying to woo me back to his heart. I have not had coffee with God for months. That is a huge part of my relationship with God. It gives me a chance for him to speak t my heart. As I have said before, my desire is thatI see the bigger picture in life. (Elisha) So that was neat.

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