Sunday, October 01, 2006

Barry report

Well I took the plunge last night and sauntered over to the Barry Hotel. I went in sat down and ordered my drink. I then proceeded to watch people. It is very interesting to read people. I was sitting there and asking God if there was anything he wanted to show me. Nothing stuck out per se. I noticed a guy sitting down by himself directly across from me. I recognized him from the neighborhood I used to live in. For whatever reason I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. Then a drunk woman came over and sat beside me. She was telling me that her brother was being a nerd so she was getting away from him for awhile. This was something that I wasn't expecting. She looked at my ring and asked if I was married. When I told her that indeed I was, she retorted with a question of why she wasn't with me. I told her that I told my wife that I was going to the Barry. She mentioned that it was weird to tell the truth. She said "I would have told her I was going for a walk" I then proceeded to tell her that it is important in a relationship to tell the truth. She wanted me to buy her a drink but I didnt feel that was the right thing to do, so I declined. She left and I was about to leave when I saw the guy that I saw earlier. I wandered over and sat at his table. I asked him if he remembered me, which I doubt he did. We had a talk for 5 minutes or so then I left. It was very different being there. I was at my regular church gathering this morning and I couldn't get their faces out of my mind during worship. It made me ask myself the question "What would church look like for them"


Nathan said...

Perhaps it looks like you.

carebear said...

wow, haven't read your blog in a while. sounds like god is doing alot of things in your heart. i rememebr the time I got home super late and on the way home, I picked up a woman prostitute and invited her for coffee. We drove around for a bit talking about her life and then I dropped her back off on "her corner"....when I got home, I said to joe, "guess what!!?? I just picked a prostitute!"

My heart was there with you when you talked about the "yah but..." and how life just makes you question things. I am reminded often by God about being a small child. Only faith like a child.

thanks for sharing this stuff. God uses your blog more than you know